Writing…no matter what

Despite a tumultuous day/evening I have completed chapter 39. It is hard to believe when I look back at the print preview how far I’ve come. As you may know by now I only tackle one chapter a week. I look forward to writing each and every Saturday no matter what. Today was going to be hard I knew…and I didn’t get started until far later than I’d like and there were many things standing in my way. But despite that the chapter clicked away, new ideas springing out of nowhere. The book is taking shape and is drawing close to the epic ending I’ve been envisioning for nearly a year.

One thought keeps popping into my mind as I write. “What am I going to do when I’m finished with this book?” I enjoy writing it so much, have no ideas for anything in the future once it is done, so I guess I will just play that by ear and enjoy it for now. I didn’t know a few years ago that writing would become such an important thing to me and something that has helped me considerably to deal with the stresses of everyday life.

I love writing. Like this post if you do too.

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