Some days are easier than others…

Writing last Saturday night was an interesting one. I got a late start, which isn’t a huge deal, although it takes me a couple of hours usually to focus and write one chapter so I was going to be up late. The week before the keys clicked quickly. This time I found myself pondering more, unsure of where the story should go. I think part of that had to do with my own life circumstances and something I’m going through now, my stories tend to have a bit of my own life thrown in, and confusion in reality can lead to confusion on the page. It didn’t take too long to sort it out and the chapter was done before it was too late…relatively.

Despite my own inner conflicts and doubts that I would be able to write that night, I always feel better after I accomplish my goal of one chapter on Saturday nights. If I didn’t choose to sit down and write it, it certainly wouldn’t happen. It is one thing I refuse to let life get in the way of.

I was also a bit excited to see a promotion that Smashwords has for July working well to spread the word of my first novel. Within just a few days I had sold over 30 copies (free copies mind you, but it all helps). You can still get it free until the end of July by going to, the coupon code is available on my book page. If you do download it, please leave me a review! Everything helps to spread the word and knowing people are enjoying what I write means the world to me.


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