Second Novel…Done!

Last Saturday night I completed my second novel. I think I may have tweeted my accomplishment, but I can’t recall now. I had a small celebration, a vodka shot and a reading to my number one fan, but after that…the week was normal. It occurred to me, after trying to get a little acknowledgement from friends and family that completing my novel really didn’t matter. Almost a year of writing, every Saturday night, 548 pages later, 51 chapters, 128,000+ words. No big deal. It may be a big deal someday…to them, if it sells I suppose. But it will always be a big deal to me. This book was a companion of sorts for all of those Saturday nights. I’m going to miss it. I know I’ll get to do all of the fun stuff soon (or not), of editing and cover art and then finally promotion. But for me, the creation was the magic and I loved every minute of it whether anyone ends up caring or not.

My second novel is done. Hard to believe. Hasn’t really sunk in yet. Hopefully, it will be in print next year.

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