Review of The Psalter by Galen Watson

The PsalterThe Psalter by Galen Watson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Psalter by Galen Watson was recommended to me on Goodreads and I’m very pleased I listened to the recommendation. I found this book interesting, well written and full of surprises.

I was drawn in immediately to the characters and found the story and mystery behind the Psalter really well done. I found the relationship between Father Romano and Isabelle and her father very entertaining and while some books jump back to the past and I can’t wait until they jump back into the present, Watson’s character building was so well done that I found both time periods to be equally as interesting.

If you like stories of mystery and intrigue that reach far back into the past and keep you constantly guessing, you’ll love this book.

K.C. Hawke

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