Nothing will keep me from my writing night…I hope

Neither hell nor high water nor a possible broken toe will keep me from my writing night. I’ve just finished another chapter. I cannot believe how this book has taken shape. Even though I’m tired and quite burnt out from the week, I just can’t fathom not writing my one chapter.

So for weeks now Saturday is my day and I love it. Tonight started a little rocky though, just wanting to get a little laundry done while I wrote I tried to clear off the washer with one hand (I don’t recommend that).

Bam! Something heavy falls and lands on my big toe. Can you say ouch?! I had just finished my run and was quite glad for being able to run…irony. Gotta love it.

So with bruised (hopefully not broken toe) I set out to write my chapter. Why do I choose Saturday night?

Normally I do so because I can sleep a little longer the next day. Unfortunately, tomorrow we have an early start. I contemplated not writing and getting some rest instead. But as I stated…I just can’t fathom not writing my one chapter on Saturday.

Wonder what will happen when the book is finished. Will I enjoy writing free Saturdays, or miss it terribly and have to start something else?

Guess we’ll see.

My other book did quite well on Smashwords in July, I had hoped to have 100 copies “sold” (which means given away for free). I reached 98. I was a little bummed at first, but it was a personal and silly goal anyway and I came pretty darn close, so I’m very happy.

Thank you to those who have read it and reviewed it so far. I look forward to others in the future 🙂

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