I reached 400 pages!!!

Last Saturday night I hit a huge milestone for my second novel. 400 pages. It was a strange and amazing feeling. I would like to write another 100 pages, but will see where the story wishes to go, if it’s shorter so be it, if it’s longer, great. Again, I’m in no rush – looking ahead to the editing process next year keeps me just fine and dandy where I am in the writing stage.

My first novel “The Light of the Blue Pearl” is in the Summer/Winter Sale catalog on smashwords this month, it’s free for July only, so please go grab and copy and leave me a review if you like it.


It’s been doing very well in the number of downloads, but it is always so hard to get people to review things, so I greatly appreciate when you do!

Have a great week! Happy reading and writing 🙂

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