The Light of the Blue Pearl
debut novel by K.C. Hawke

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"A MUST READ . . . I didn't want to put it down!"
"It instantly grabbed me."
". . . a great writer and storyteller."

"Sometimes the only thing that keeps us from living is ourselves."

Ethne has long spent her life trying to avoid people and the heartache of loss, but when a mysterious note shows up on her doorstep her curiosity forces her out of hiding.

Following the instructions of a stranger Ethne is sent on an exciting adventure where she unlocks not only the secret identity of the notes’ sender but eventually the key to her own heart.

But life is never easy with clear cut answers or perfect fairy tale endings and her journey of eye opening self discovery ultimately will leave her with a very difficult decision to make.

The Black Ruby
Novel by K.C. Hawke

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Her mother murdered. Her father, the King, brainwashed by a mysterious and evil woman. Drea finds herself on the run. Her necessary escape, sparked by an altercation and unexplainable incident, leaves one man dead and Drea questioning her own innocence.

With a hidden identity, her title of "princess" lost in the chaos, Drea escapes with a young man who comes to her aid just in the nick of time. Believed to be a mere commoner, Drea attempts to create a new life with the young man in his small village. Aryka, the evil witch who stole her father and the kingdom, unfortunately, has other plans.

Hunting for the last heir to the throne while building her army, Aryka steals the one thing most precious to Drea: her one true love, Lianen. After years in hiding, Drea is forced to return to the castle. Not only to try and free her father and return the kingdom to its rightful hands, but to find her love, Lianen, an innocent pawn Aryka used to lure her nemesis home.

With only the strength of will on her side and the help from an unlikely source, will Drea be able to beat the evil, false queen? An opponent who seemingly plays by her own rules? Or will she be the next and last royal victim to fall?