More than halfway done…

Writing was a breeze last Saturday night…and I meant to write that on Saturday, so why didn’t I you ask? Because I finish late and I forget to. The chapter was daunting before I sat down, as it usually is. I always wonder if I will be able to come up with anything. Then I open my word document and the keys start clicking away. It’s weird. But I love it and I’m not going to complain. It is hard to believe how far I am already in this novel, I am enjoying every bit of it and am in no rush for it to be over…that is a huge reason why it will likely take the rest of this year, because I don’t want it to end. I love the book, I love the characters and I love getting lost in it.

I have the same concerns as most writers, is it any good? Will others like it? But I try not to worry too much because ultimately I am writing it because I want to. Each chapter seems to take on a life of its own, an additional piece to the overall puzzle that will be the finished product. I may need to, probably will need to go back and add a few things in, a little more description maybe, maybe not, we’ll see. The beauty is, I don’t have to worry about that until later 😉

This chapter was a little piece of the puzzle, but a very important catalyst to the rest. I am very interested in seeing what will happen this Saturday. Until then, I hope you are enjoying my first novel “The Light of the Blue Pearl”. It is a completely different genre from my current, but I would say similar in my style of unfolding the story. My first novel is a mystery/romance, unlike your typical romance. In fact, I hate classifying it at all because some people tend to hear the word romance and don’t want to read it. However, most who take the time to pick it up are pleasantly surprised by the mystery of it. So all I can say is, don’t judge a book by its genre 😉

You can download a free copy on Smashwords, visit my homepage for details

Happy Reading! And if you do read it, please drop me a line, or leave me a review on Amazon, Smashwords, or Goodreads or all of the above. I really do appreciate it so much!

Another chapter done…

I’m a busy girl. I won’t even tell you everything that takes up my week. But what I will tell you is that I love to write, so no matter how busy I am, I will write every Saturday night. Saturday night is my time. I take 2 hours or so every week to devote to my book. I love it. It is my favorite time. However, because I have such a huge gap between each writing, I’m insecure. I come back to it questioning whether or not what I wrote the week before was any good. I go back and read what I wrote to get back in the moment…I think it’s good, I hope it is, I hope my readers enjoy it. But the bottom line is, I do. I get going on each chapter each week and when I’ve finished after about two hours I’m amazed by what I just did. And tonight is another successful night. I love it, even if it goes nowhere, even if people don’t get me, or get my book. I love it. I love creating and I loved seeing where my characters went tonight, unplanned by me and taken away quickly by the tick tick of my keyboard.

The Light of the Blue Pearl is Published!

Hello Readers!

I am happy to announce that my novel “The Light of the Blue Pearl” has been published! It’s been a couple of weeks now, already…my post is a little late because I was spending time getting the book ready for Smashwords as well. Learning the process of publishing has been time consuming, but also very rewarding. My novel has now been distributed to many different channels including, Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and more…

Last night I finished setting up my “Pay with a Share” button, you can find that on my homepage. If you’d like to get my novel for free it will only cost you a Twitter tweet or Facebook post! So go grab your copy now 🙂

My novel has been out for only a short time but it has already been selling and getting very nice reviews, I’m both excited and humbled and look forward to hearing more feedback from you all. After you’ve read it please leave a comment or review on my webpage, Amazon, Smashwords or Goodreads. I appreciate the help in spreading the word about my novel so much. After you’ve left a review please contact me and I will send you a free copy of the official soundtrack for my novel that was written by KAT. Currently, the four song album is only available by purchase, but I can pull some strings for my readers 😉

Visit my homepage now to get your free copy.

Thanks for reading!!

My debut novel out soon…

Hello!! Welcome to my website 🙂 I am so excited that my debut novel will be out very soon…within hours. I’ve been working on it for quite a few months now, inspiration struck me one day and I began “The Light of the Blue Pearl” on a whim. I enjoyed each and every day that I wrote it and began a second novel before I had even finished it.

The past few months have been spent editing, refining, perfecting and learning the world of self-publishing. I cannot wait to get it out to all of you.

As you’ll note there is a “soundtrack” that goes with this book. Thank you so much to Kat (@katsember) for writing two beautiful songs that went with my book so perfectly.

The next post will be my celebration that my book “The Light of the Blue Pearl” is finally available on!