K.C. Hawke

K.C. Hawke lives and breathes in a world drenched in darkness. Illuminated by rain. Filled with wonder. The Pacific Northwest is her canvas, where her evening 10+ mile runs provide a rich tapestry of insights into her own fantastic semi-fictional explorations. As she runs, the river and Portland lights inspire characters and images you'll find buried deep within the pages of her books, The Light of the Blue Pearl and The Black Ruby.

Raised on a steady diet of action adventure, Sci-Fi and romance-from Star Trek to Goonies, Stephen King, to Terry Goodkind, and even Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, K.C. has always believed "limits are for mere mortals." A family which she refuses to be a part of. This intensity bleeds within the pages of her novels and each of her characters.

These beliefs are combined with unique insights informed by intense study in the sciences, nutrition, human behavior and out-of-this-world fantasy. They help her create the unique and powerful characters who inhabit her novels.

In addition to writing and running, K.C. Hawke is also a semi-infamous pianist, composer and singer-songwriter. She can be seen, and heard at katsember.com